Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quiet Time for the Big Kids

This summer I have instituted an hour of quite time for Rehm and Charlotte. It coincides with the first hour of Ruby and Eliza Claire's nap time. Yes, this is more for me than for them but having a somewhat sane Mommy is probably better for them than the completely crazy one they get otherwise.

In the last few weeks they have started asking to have quiet time together. My first thought on this was "absolutely not!" I knew they wouldn't be quite together and that I would probably spend the bulk of the hour being a referee. And that would completely defeat the purpose of quiet time.

I am publicly admitting I was wrong! Well at least partially wrong. They are not very quiet. And quiet time is not very restful. And no one is reading or writing during quiet time as I had hoped. But I'm not having to referee. They actually play nicely together during this hour! It is the only hour of the day the play nicely together but I guess one is better than none. They beg to be together for this hour when normally they will do anything to not be together. I decided that this was much more important than them being quiet or restful and even more important than reading. Now if I can just figure out how to get them to be a little more quiet....

I am so glad the two of them can at least appreciate each other for one hour a day! It's a start, right?

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Clancy said...

Hello Mrs Maham. Please say hello to Michael for me (John Clancy). We were friends in high-school. I moved away to Concord, NC in the middle of my sophomore year. My oldest sister (Ann) used to decorate Dallas' house before football games. John