Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Overheard from the Backseat

We were in the van this morning and Rehm and Charlotte were having a conversation about swim lessons. It went something like this:

Rehm: Charlotte, why did you get moved back from level 7 to level 5

Charlotte: (emphatically) I don't know!

Rehm: Well Charlotte you just have to go with it. That is all you can do!

Charlotte: I know.

I was cracking up! First of all Charlotte was never on level 7, only level 6. I'm not sure why she got sent back a level but it is fine because she is still learning a lot. Second, Rehm has been very upset the last week or so that he has not moved up to level 6 - he thinks it is the teacher's fault, even though there is very specific criteria for moving that he hasn't met yet :) Third, when has one of my children ever "gone with it" when something happened they didn't like? And further, can you imagine the reaction I would get if I told one of them "you just have to go with it?"

Sidenote: We swim at Nitro and their lessons are station based. When yo master a station you move on to the next. So you are not being pushed or held back by the others in your class. There are 10 stations in all but level 5 is the freestyle and I think level 6 is the backstroke. It has been killing Rehm for a couple of weeks that Charlotte was at a higher station than him. He is at level 5.

More July updates to come when I have time,

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