Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Ruby and Eliza Claire

Wow! My little girls are two! Where did the last year go? What happened to those little girls with no or two teeth that couldn't walk and only had a few words each? Where did these big girls in these big beds who want to wear big girl panties and who talk in complete sentences come from? How did so much change in a short twelve months?

I think the girls had a fun day. Though I did call Michael mid morning and confess that I must be a terrible mother because it was their birthday and they were both cranky and whiney and fussy and generally unhappy. Then I remembered the lack of sleep due to the new beds and knew it wasn't my fault they were unhappy it was theirs! A mid-morning snack and bath seemed to do the trick and order was restored.

As soon as Ruby and Eliza Claire were awake we went downstairs and opened presents.

They thought that was a lot of fun.
Once daddy left for the day they both practiced taking turns riding their new roller coaster. It about killed Rehm and Charlotte that they could not ride the roller coaster - they are both officially over the weight limit.

After their mid-morning bath they got dressed up in adorable dresses Cici made out of pillow cases my Maw-Maw made several years ago. I took each girl out for her very own photo shoot and then took them both out for some pictures together.

Click here to see the pictures if you can't view the slide show.

Then it was time for a quick change of clothes, lunch and a nap.

After naptime we got ready to go to dinner at Mr. Gattis. Some of our friends met us there for a little impromtu party. Everyone had a great time!

When it was time to sing happy birthday we got two very different reactions. We sang to Ruby first. She was smiling and clapping and laughing and loved the attention.

When it was Eliza Claire's turn she got a confused look on her face and proceeded to give us the look until we were completely done singing.

Then one of the guests told his mother she couldn't take the wrapper off of his cupcake until we lit the candles, sang to him and he blew out the candles. His mom explained that it wasn't his birthday and he would have to eat without singing. If we had known he wanted us to sing to him I have a feeling we would have done so because who can resist two year old logic like that?

For their two year check up they both did great! Eliza Claire kept saying "Go see Dr. Bayer!" over and over and over in the way only Eliza Claire can repeat things. Ruby added her "Dr. Bayer" to the mix as well but doesn't quite get as many words strung together as her sister. They both got a clean bill of health and didn't have to get any shots. We were all thrilled with that news! Ruby was 28 lbs., 12 oz. and 36 1/2 inches tall and she has 11 teeth. Eliza Claire was 30 lbs., 2 oz. and 36 3/4 inches tall and has 13 teeth. They weighed less than either of their siblings at the same age (Rehm was 31 lbs. and Charlotte was 33.5 lbs) and were taller (Rehm 35 3/4 inches, Charlotte 35 1/2 inches) and had fewer teeth (Rehm and Charlotte both had 16 by this time).

For more pictures from their birthday click here.

Oh I almost forgot. Here are videos of each one on their roller coaster.


Eliza Claire

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