Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Actual Birthday

First Year Highlights

Ruby and Eliza Claire had a great birthday. Ruby woke up early (5ish) - I guess she was just too excited about turning one to sleep. We opened presents and spent the a while playing with them. Then it was time to go grocery shopping. After shopping we had lunch at a pizza place with Michael. After lunch we came home for nap time and then had some friends over for a playdate and cake. After that it was time for dinner, bath and bed.

First Birhtday in Pictures

It is amazing how different the day was from a year ago. Then Michael and I got up at 5ish and headed to the hospital. About 7:00 they started getting us ready for the c-section. By 7:30 they were doing my spinal. Ruby arrived at 7:58 and Eliza Claire arrived at 7:59 am. Both were healthy and perfect. Within an hour they were both in recovery with me nursing. What a new experience. Rehm and Charlotte both ended up in the NICU and it was several hours before I got to see them. After lunch their big siblings got to come to the hospital to meet them. Wow how they've changed in a year.

Ruby currently weighs 21.5 lbs and is inches long. Eliza Claire weighs 23.5 lbs and is inches long.

Happy Birthday Girls,

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Sherri said...

I love the slide shows. You have to tell me how you did that. I can't wait to see you all this weekend.