Monday, June 18, 2007

Swim Lessons

Rehm and Charlotte started swim lessons last week at Nitro Swim. They have had three lessons each and I am so impressed. The facility is amazing, except for the fact that it is not air conditioned. The instructors seem to be top notch. The kids are learning at a very fast pace. The focus is definitely on proper technique.

I'm not surprised we are impressed since Rehm had private lessons with the owner two years ago. I've been singing his praises ever since. He loves what he does and has a great method of teaching that really seems to click for my kids. I've been referring everyone to Coach Mike since the very first lesson.

Today Rehm swam the width of the pool on his back and on his stomach- only kicking, no arms (they were practicing kicking technique) and for the first time figured out how to breathe without stopping. This is a huge development for him. I was so proud of him.

Charlotte is learning to glide and float and is doing a great job as long as she remembers to hold her breath. Sometimes she forgets and it isn't pretty. Of course she chokes and gags but her poor instructor looks at her like shes grown a second head she carries on so.

The swim lessons are set up as stations. When a child finishes a station they get to get out of the pool and go ring this large gong set up to one side. Of course the kids love this. The first day of lessons Rehm finished the first station and got to ring the gong. After class he came up to me, really excited, and said "Mom, I got to hit the bong!" After I got done laughing I explained that it is a "GONG" not a bong! I don't need him going around town telling everyone he loves his swim lessons because he gets to "hit the bong." I don't think that is quite the kind of advertising they are looking for.

Happy Swimming


Pink Pixels said...

Wow! If I was letting my kids (or their parents!) hit the bong while I was teaching, maybe I would have been more popular! :) How funny!

Glad to see you back blogging!

Sherri said...

That is hysterical! I am at work and laughed out loud. Now everyone wants to see what is so funny. I have tears in my eyes.

Brenna and Molly said...

Woohoo - this place would have one heck of a teen swim team if the bong was such a highlight! Glad to hear the kids are enjoying the lessons though.