Monday, June 25, 2007

The Birthday Party

The party ended up being a small affair with us, Grandma and Grandpa and our dear friends the Weatherbys. We had a great time. Ruby and Eliza Claire clearly enjoyed being the center of attention. They both had great fun with their cakes though they attacked them in totally different ways. Ruby went for the big mess and annihilated her cake , Eliza Claire went for eating more but doing so very neatly and having half the cake saved for later.

You can see all the pictures here. Make sure to check out the cakes. A friend of ours made them and they were delicious and beautiful!

Happy Birthday Girls!


Brenna and Molly said...

I don't know what was cuter - the smiles on their faces when everyone started to sing or the belly laughs from the big kids when Ruby started digging into her cake! Was that Rehm with the deep chuckle? It's contagious when they all get laughing!

XOXO from Linda and my big girls

Shelly said...

I love the video and seeing (and hearing) you and the kids. The girls are lovely and I can't wait to see them sometime.

Happy Birthday girls!!

Mom said...

Happy Birthday Eliza, Happy Birthday Ruby!!!

Will sing to you later today.

Karen said...

Nathan and I enjoyed watching the video. I love how the girls "ate" their cakes in different ways. Happy Birthday!!!