Thursday, June 21, 2007

Typical Summer Day

What does a typical day look like around here? I'm not sure I know but here are some of our normal activities for our home days.

I invested in the Crainium Mega Fort. I found it on sale at TRU Memorial Day weekend. We love it! It is great and the kids can spend about an hour at a time playing with it. This is the day the decided to build a hot air balloon. After building it they came to ask me for a fan to make it blow up. We didn't have one so they had to pretend.

We also have craft/school time everyday. This consists of Rehm working on his summer work book and writing in his journal. Charlotte usually gets some paper and markers out at this time too.

We play with lots of dolls, dress up clothes, blocks and other building things as well.

Three days a week we go to the gym so I can work out and the kids can all play. Two days we go to swim lessons. We try to have at least one playdate each week as well.

I didn't forget the girls. They usually are crawling around playing with their toys are being entertained by their older siblings or they are asleep.

For the last couple of months Charlotte has been much more interested in letters and what sounds they make. She has been trying to spell her name for several weeks. This week she finally got it right will all the letters! Now I think she thinks "tt" is it's own letter in the alphabet but that is OK. Here she is showing off her new skill. Maybe in the next six months we will get her interested in actually writing letters.


Mom said...

Way to go C-H-A-R-L-O-TT-E!! It is about time for you to trim your bangs again.

Mom, remember to bring Rehm's Journal from the school year, as I know you will have lots of room.

Rehm and Charlotte...only 2 more weeks!!!

Jenn said...

We are growing out bangs not trimming, per Charlotte. This was done before I combed her hair for the day (gasp). We usually pull her bangs back so they aren't in her face.

Brenna and Molly said...

That's a big mouthful for a little girl. Go Charlotte - you are one smart cookie to get all those letter perfectly!

Shelly said...

She reminds me so much of little girls I would see on Sesame Street. I half-expected Elmo or Ernie or oh.. Grover! on the side saying, "What's your name?" Adorable.