Thursday, June 21, 2007


No, I'm not ironing. I don't do that. Well, at least not very often, really only for special occasions. I don't like ironing and always seem to burn myself in the process so I avoid it if at all possible.
Charlotte informed me when I took the picture that "the thing I'm holding is very HOT!"

Charlotte came in the kitchen today and ask for help setting up her ironing board (which is actually my play ironing board from when I was her age). We got it set up and in a few minutes she was back again. This time she needed help finding her "ar-on." It was imperative that we find out it immediately because today was Charlotte's only day to "ar-on" this week! She had to get all of her "ar-oning" done today because she wouldn't have time to "ar-on" again for another week.

A few minutes later she came out to tell Rehm she had "ar-oned" his vampire cape for him. And she just informed me that when our friend come over to play today they aren't allowed to wear any dress up clothes because she has already "ar-oned" them and doesn't want to get them messed up and she is done "ar-oning" for the day. Especially the Cinderella dress that she "ar-oned" that she wants to wear for Halloween.

I don't know where she gets this new found love of ironing from as I don't think she has ever in her life seen her mother do it.

Happy Ironing!

PS She is now coloring and keeps telling me "I have to concentrate really hard on what I am doing now."


Brenna and Molly said...

Molly's preschool had a little wooden iron and ironing board and the teacher says each year she finds more and more kids who have no idea what it is. I love that Miss Charlotte is so disciplined with her weekly chores! :)

Mom said...

Looked at some old pictures last week and think the ar-oning board (or arn-ing board as whichever you prefer) was actually Sherri's as I had a picture of her ironing.

By the way, I know I told you that Grandma Vogler had 2 "middle names", but I did not know that her baby sister also had 2 middle names (she was my favorite of Grandma's siblings). One of her names was Eliza. The family historian was in Knoxville this weekend, and he said that there are a lot of Elizabeths and Elizas in the Ketner family.

Jenn said...

Mom, that is good to know. Especially since I wanted to name Eliza Della but Michael would have none of it. Glad to know I still honored the Ketner family. What were Grandma's two middle names?

Mom said...

Her name was Della Blanche Elizabeth (I think) guess Eliza can be as much for her as the grandmother on the other side.