Monday, July 02, 2007


Well I did something today I never thought I would do. I gave Rehm sentences to write! Yep, I resorted to the dreaded punishment of sentences! How can it be?

Well, it all started on the way home from the gym this morning. I informed Rehm that there was a good chance it would rain on Independence Day and we might not get to participate in the little neighborhood parade or watch fireworks. He lost it! He was furious and somehow he decided that it was all Charlotte's fault! He kept saying "It's all your fault Charlotte!" in a really disdainful voice. (He uses this tone with her frequently these days and we are trying our best to stop it but have yet to figure out how.)

Apparently in his mind because Charlotte has been praying that the rain stop God is going to have to make it rain on Independence Day. So it is all Charlotte's fault and she is making it rain on Independence Day. After several minutes of this I told him if I heard it was Charlotte's fault anymore he would get 10 minutes of Room Time each time he said it. After earning an hour of room time I resorted to sentences.

I sent him to room time with a notebook and pencil and this sentence. "Charlotte has done nothing wrong." He had to write it ten times before he could have any tv, computer, game, bike riding, etc privileges. At the end of his hour of room time he had written nothing. So we had lunch. Then he wrote five of his sentences and had a break where he entertained himself with various drawing and made up games.

Then Charlotte and I went outside to ride bikes and "Oh, Bummer" Rehm couldn't come out until he finished those dreaded sentences. We were outside for an hour. He spent the hour standing at the windows by the front door crying. "He understands, we don't like him he is just the worker man. He only gets to work." "Mom, you told me you would never leave me in the house alone!" "Mom, you and Charlotte don't like me!" He finished 3 more. We came in because the babies woke up from their naps. Now he is screaming "You don't appreciate me! I'm under appreciated!" "Charlotte and Mommy hate me!" Charlotte is watching TV. Rehm had to leave the room because "Oh, Bummer" he doesn't have TV privileges until he gets his sentences done.

I have explained to him multiple times that it is his choice to not be riding his bike, watching TV, etc. He has had plenty of time to complete the task but he keeps choosing to complain instead of actually doing it. Oh, bummer! Hopefully it will sink in soon.

I'm not sure that I've accomplished my original goal of having him talk nicer to Charlotte. But I think I've at least made him understand there are consequences to what he says and how he says it.

Charlotte has done nothing wrong!

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Brenna and Molly said...

I can remember writing sentences in school but never thought about using it at home! I'll file it away for our "Oh Bummer" moments. I think it was a brilliant idea and I hope it helped Rehm gather his wits about the whole affair. Poor kid - it's so hard to see them disappointed but I'm with you that it's worse to let bad behavior go unchecked. Oh, and by the way, since Charlotte controls the weather, please thank her for the nice temperatures we've been enjoying! :)