Thursday, March 04, 2010

Car conversations

Did you know that according to Eliza Claire, "God put me in a suit
case right before I was born."

Ruby wanted to know if the man who made fire in the building (Joesph
Stack who flew his plane into the Echelon Building) wad a nice man.
Um, well I don't know if he used to be a nice man or not, Sweetie, but
he made some really bad choices.

According to Eliza Claire ther are now two people in heaven - her big
brother Sam and the man who fired the building. Ruby also informed me
that the tadpole from her class is in "Tadpole Heaven in his water
bowl, 'cause he needs water to breathe"

Never a dull moment in the car. And that doesn't even include the
lengthy conversation we had about the two ways babies get out of their
mommies tummies. So if the ask you about your birth experiences, I'm
very sorry.


1 comment:

Brenna and Molly said...

Just wait until it expands to involve other kids! I could write a book on the things I've heard carpooling 5-8yo girls to dance classes and birthday parties. It's a wonder some days I don't wreck the car because I'm laughing so hard.

Get ready - your two are going to be even more fun a few years!!