Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ruby and Washington DC

Coming home from school today I was listening to the radio and something was said about President Obama.  This sparked a conversation between Ruby and Eliza Claire about SCUBADuck as they know that Molly lives in Washington DC and so does President Obama.  They wanted to know where SCUBADuck was and I reminded them that he had gone home to Molly. At that point Ruby piped up with, "Mommy, is President Obama Molly's dad?"  After I stopped laughing I told her that he was not after all Molly's dad.  Her next question, "So who is Molly's dad?"

I love that there are three things Ruby knows about Washington DC.  1.) SCUBADuck is from there.  2.) Molly who owns SCUBADuck lives there.  3.) President Obama lives there.  So in her world that means all three of those things must be related.

I just love how the three year old mind works.

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