Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Finally! Everyone is Back in School!

Rehm and Charlotte started back to school on August 23.  Ruby and Eliza Claire started back yesterday.  I am so glad to have everyone back in school.

Rehm is in fourth grade.  This year he has team teachers so he changes classes a couple times a day.  So far this seems to be going well.  He was very pleased with all of the teachers he got.

I don't have a picture of him in his classroom as he only allowed me to walk with him to the 4th grade hallway.  He's too big to have mom walk in class with him.

Charlotte is in first grade.  She loves her teacher and classmates.  None of her good friends from Kindergarten are in her class this year.  She seems to have made some new friends and be having fun.  Rehm informed her that "he had never had Mrs. J. so he could not give her any inside info on her."  Charlotte informed him that she "would be just fine and didn't need his help anyway!"  I think she was very pleased to have something going on in her life that he didn't know everything about it already.

Charlotte has mastered a new skill.  I promise a separate post on it is in the works.

Ruby and Eliza Claire are in Pre-K.  They are at a new preschool this year that is much closer to our house.  They are only going two days a week, but with me no longer working while they are in school I think that is going to work out just fine.

Ruby and Eliza Claire are in separate classes again this year.  I think that works really well for them and gives them some space to be individuals instead of twins.  On orientation day of the teachers asked me if Eliza Claire was a friend of Ruby's.  She was shocked when I told her they were twins.  Her response, "But they are so different!"  Of course Ruby was dressed in her new tutu skirt from her Cici and Eliza Claire was in jeans and T-shirt.  But, yeah, they are very different from each other. 

Both girls seemed to have a great first day of school and now trouble with the switch.

Yes, both girls picked out their outfit for the day

Thanks Hurricane Hermine for all the rain and the adorable rain coat pictures

I celebrated everyone being in school by going and having a mani/pedi and running a whole bunch of errands in the rain.  It was a good day for everyone.


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