Friday, September 03, 2010

When things go a little too well...

Rehm needed a zippered binder for school.  He couldn't find one he loved but we did find a plain black one.  I suggested he use some of his allowance to purchase some fabric paints and embellish it so it would be more to his liking. 

He bought the paint, decided on a theme and got the Ed Emberly books out to give us some ideas on how to draw what he wanted.  He drew a rough draft on paper.  Day one of painting went great.  Day two, the painting went great, he got everything added he wanted to. All that was needed was clean up and putting it in a safe place to dry.  I posted a picture of Rehm working on the binder on facebook and went to give the dog his afternoon meds.  I left Rehm to clean up and put away paints.  

 He came outside in a panic.  He had apparently cleaned up and went to his room to read.  I had not put the binder away yet.  Since no one was in the kitchen one of the cats had jumped on the counter to see what kind of goodies might be waiting. Said cat had jumped directly onto the notebook and knocked it on the floor! 

Surprisingly, we were able to fix most of this.

This was post cat/pre repair.

Rehm was beside himself.  He had worked so hard and was so pleased with the results and he thought it was completely ruined.  After cleaning the paint of the floor, bar stools, wall and counters (yep there were paint paw prints across the kitchen island), we inspected the damage.

We speculated on which cat was to blame.  Rehm immediately blamed Phineas as he doesn't like Phin.  A few minutes later Isabella came trotting by with paint on her tail.  And then she hopped up on her favorite chair and we saw this.

The binder was salvageable with only minor repair needed.  I had one very relieved boy and one cat that was not disowned. 

What? Me? You think I did something?
I need to have him bring the binder home as we seemed to forget to take pictures of the finished product.  It turned out really cute despite Isabella's interference.  


Phyllis said...

Rehm, so glad Mom was able to help you fix your binder. It is really pretty. Did you leave any paw prints on it?

Jenn, love the new descriptions.

Hen Jen said...

the binder came out great! What do you do with a bad cat? Our cat walks over everything...I love the photo with the paint on his foot, funny!