Saturday, October 09, 2010


There have been a few funny misconceptions at our house in the last 36 hours.  The first occurred last night on the way to dinner.  I noticed a dead deer right at the edge of the road, laying on the grass.  Ruby pipes up from the back seat with "Mommy, I just saw some big animal resting in the grass!" For some reason, I felt the need for full disclosure and explained that it was a deer and it was not resting it was dead.  I don't know why I felt the need to explain.  Luckily she took it well.  All the kids asked several questions about the deer. Why did it die? Why it was on the side of the road? If a car hit it, why was it in the grass and not on the road?  Of course we were on our way to dinner and at some point Charlotte insisted we stop talking about it.

Today, we were driving back out to Scout Jam (awesome, pictures to come, though not tonight) - Michael and Rehm had spent the morning out there with the rest of his pack and had had so much fun they wanted to go back for the afternoon.  On the way, there is a strip club called the Pink Monkey Cabaret with a giant inflatable pink monkey on top.  As we pass the Pink Monkey, Rehm announces that we are almost to Scout Jam.  I told Michael that he knew that because he saw the pink monkey, Michael didn't believe me.  So he asked Rehm how he knew.  Sure enough Rehm tells him it was because of the pink monkey.  Then I hear Charlotte say, "What kind of store names itself the Pink Monkey?"  Rehm answers, "Well Charlotte, a business can pick any name it likes."  Charlotte counters with, "But why would a carpet store be named Pink Monkey?  It doesn't make any sense!"  While yesterday I was quick to point out and correct Ruby's misconception of a situation today I was strangely quiet.  Well, after I quit laughing so hard I was snorting, that is. 

I still don't understand why a strip club needs an inflatable pink monkey on top of its building.  For some reason I don't think that is what is enticing its clientele.  I swear they just do it so all of us parents have to explain to our children why it is not an appropriate family destination and why they can't go see the blasted monkey.


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