Thursday, October 07, 2010

Where there's an Apple there's usually Drama

If you look closely you can see the blood

Charlotte turned seven on Saturday and lost her first tooth the next day!  It was an eventful weekend at our house.

Charlotte's tooth had been loose for several weeks.  We noticed it before school started back in August.  However, Charlotte does not seem to be a tooth wiggler.  For the most part she ignored it.  Finally the week of her birthday she decided it was time for the tooth to go. 

On Sunday evening, she asked for an apple - not cut up, please.  She started eating and in a few minutes she was bleeding and announced her tooth was coming out! Of course this was in the middle of dinner.  Michael is very squeamish when it comes to teeth.  It has been so long since Rehm has lost a tooth that I had forgotten this fact.

Not sure what she was eating for dinner.  That is either cheese or mustard on her face, I know you were all wondering.
 Charlotte and I excused ourselves from the table and went upstairs to take care of the impending tooth loss.  Michael started loosing the sickly green color he had turned.

Once upstairs we assessed the situation.  The tooth was really loose - pointing straight out of her mouth but it was still holding on stubbornly.  I tried pulling it but was concerned it was hurting her.  I told her to try.  She reached up, grabbed the tooth and yanked it right out!  She was very proud of herself! And yes, I did a photo essay of the process.  I knew you would all want to see this momentus occassion in full photographic detail. 


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Phyllis said...

Were Michael and the apple the same color?