Monday, September 26, 2011

Kindergarten Update

Everyone keeps asking how the girls are adjusting to kindergarten.  They absolutely love school and their wonderful teacher.  The first few weeks definitely an adjustment.  Neither one was used to getting up as early as they need to for school, thus they were tired.  Neither one was used to being on a strict schedule and being "good" for 7 hours straight, five days a week, thus the melt downs in the afternoon.

Eliza Claire had a few afternoon meltdowns but mainly just needed a little afternoon alone time to be her usual sunny self.

Ruby had afternoon fits every day for the first two weeks.  Then morning fits for the next week.  Then a week of alternating morning or afternoon fits.  They all culminated one day when she got mad at me for something.  The fit ensued.  When I didn't respond to her satisfaction she told me, "You are a mean mommy!  I don't like you! I don't love you!....I am going to run away and die and you will never see me again!"  Then she proceeded to just yell gutturally every time I looked at her for another 15 minutes.

After that day, the fits have gotten much better and are probably down to about once a week.  It is very hard for Ruby to follow rules and be compliant for seven straight hours, but she finally seems to be finding her emotional even keel.

On a positive note, both girls love school and get glowing reports from their teacher.  At least their saving their more questionable behavior for me.


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