Friday, November 11, 2011

My "Duh" Moment of the Day

I'm blaming this on the cold medicine.

This morning I started running errands with a trip to the post office.  I needed to pick up our Disney World tickets that they had tried unbeknownst to us to deliver several days earlier.  I'm glad I tracked the package as the notice on the door apparently disappeared.

I get in the post office and the self service kiosk had a line and the main area of the post office is locked up.  I start looking around thinking they've changed the hours.  Honestly, I must have looked completely crazy to the others there as I am quite dumbfounded by the fact that the counter service wasn't open.  Then I see the sign to ring the bell for package pick up and such.  In my befuddled state I conclude that the Post Office has decided to go self service in an attempt to save money and they now only have someone in the back for the things that you can't do at the kiosk.

I ring the bell.  Nothing happens.  I wait.  I ring it again.  Still nothing happens.  About that time an elderly man and woman enter the post office.  They take one look at the scene and say, "I should have known it was closed.  It's a federal holiday!"  I look up thinking "what holiday?"  And that my friends is when I remember it is Veteran's Day.

This would not be quite so idiotic of me if I had not already this morning, before leaving for the Post Office, changed my profile picture on Facebook to be a picture of my Dad in service and posted a status update about it being Veteran's Day.

I hope you got a good laugh at my stupidity! 

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