Friday, April 11, 2014

Crazy Dog

This afternoon, with four of us at home, Pearl managed to sneak a major snack. One of the kids left the pantry open and she rummaged in it as well as doing some counter surfing.

In round one she got a 8 pack of peanut butter crackers (My family has always called them Nabs, but I'm not sure anyone else refers to them that way) and a pound of linguini. She only got one of the packs of nabs open. She ate every last crumb. The pasta was open and spread out but I don't think she ate much if it.

After cleaning all of the mess up and closing the pantry, I left to get Rehm from school. When I got back, we found another open bag of pasta! Grrr!

When I told Rehm that we luckily had one package of pasta she didn't get in he said, "Let me guess, she didn't eat the veggie pasta." He was correct.

It seems that Pearl doesn't agree with me that she should be on a grain free diet. Every time she counter surfs it is for carbs. Einstein's Bagels are her favorite. She's been known to eat a half a dozen of them at a time.

The strange thing is I left her uncrated for a couple of hours today while I ran errands. She was an angel and didn't get in anything. But this afternoon, even with us at home, she was a very naughty dog. I'm thinking we will have to have some dog wearing* time to help her remember her manners.

*dog wearing is a great training tool that we have used many times. We attach the dog's leash to our belt. The dog has to go wherever we go. It keeps them close by so when they start thinking about getting in trouble we are right there to correct them.

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