Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Best Neighbors

Friday evening Michael and I went out to dinner. When we left, two of the girls were across the street at Winnie Kate and Elliot's house. Winnie Kate is three and Elliot is not quite two. My girls love them to pieces. They love to play with them. I sent their mom a text letting her know to send my girls home at any time.

Two hours later Michael and I arrive home to a completely empty hours. That's when I check my text messages and find this adorable picture.

Not only had Ruby and Charlotte not gone home, Rehm and Eliza Claire had both gone across the street as well. When I arrived, my wonderful neighbors were feeding my kids dinner. Talk about feeling like a horrible mom and neighbor! Oh my! I told them we owe them a date night and to please not be shy about sending my kids home!

It seems Rehm went over to tell the sisters to come home for dinner. He got sidetracked talking to the adults and never got everyone home.

We truly have awesome neighbors! We are so blessed..


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