Saturday, August 06, 2016

Signs Your Daughter is as Softball Player

I was helping Eliza Claire clean up in her room this weekend.  We were cleaning out her closet, getting rid of all her shoes that were too small.  She came to a pair outgrown cleats.  She asked if she could keep them.  She said they had lots of special memories.  They were the cleats from her last year of 8U All Stars and first season of 10U fall ball.  I agreed that she could keep them.

Eliza Claire started to put them back in her closet.  I asked her to hand them too me.  I thought about putting them on her bookcase but then I had a better idea. I tied the laces together and hung them over the rod where a quilt hangs in her room.  She thought that was an awesome place for them.  I remarked that we really should clean them off.  She was emphatic that we were  not going to do that.  

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Phyllis said...

good to me!