Monday, April 21, 2008

First Grade Math

Here is one of Rehm's math problems for tonight.

Some bugs sat on a bush. Six more bugs came. Now there are 23 bugs on the bush. How many bugs were there first?

I don't remember doing this level of math in first grade. Isn't this basically algebra? What kind of math will the child be doing by fifth grade. My goodness.

Rehm had no problem figuring out the answer but of course has no clue he is doing algebra.



Shelly said...

It's subtraction, Jenn. 23-6 gives you the answer. *wink*
Schools are ALL about "word problems" now. It's called preparing for the TAKS test. You should see how they phrase/word Cameron's 3rd grade math.

Jenn said...

Yes Shelly, I *know* it is subtraction. But it is also algebra as in x+6=23. We didn't do this in kind of word problem when I was in first grade. Or if we did I don't remember it. I remember word problems from this time frame such as this: There were 4 apples on the tree, 2 fell off, how many are left on the tree?

Sherri said...

No arguing ladies, you are both correct! :)
The point is Rehm is very smart.

Cici said...

Good think Aunt Sherri is not teaching first grade math, huh?

Shelly said...

I didn't even think to look at it from the algebra side (x+6=23)!! (But then I never was very good at math lol!) I'll try to remember to show you one of Cameron's 3rd grade math questions so you can see how they word those now.