Saturday, April 05, 2008

Martha Stewart and Home Repair

Friday, Charlotte had a friend over for a playdate. I decided to make a special snack for everyone. I made brownies. No they were not from scratch but they did have chocolate chunks in them. About the time the brownies were done the electrician found why the circuit breaker tripped every time we tried to turn on the ceiling fan in the family room. He needed everyone out from underfoot while he cut several holes in my ceiling. I can't imagine why he didn't think it was a good idea to proceed with 5 children running around - the oldest of which just turned seven.

I decided to take everyone outside to play and have snack. Of course the two dogs are in the backyard so I couldn't make several trips out with food and such or the dogs would have had a yummy snack and I would have had five very upset and hungry kids. So I found a wooden try (a wedding gift that I might have used two or three times previously) and loaded it with plates, brownies, grapes and cups. I took it out, raised the umbrella and set out everyone's snack. All I needed was a creative centerpiece and I really could have won the title of the "Martha Stewart of Playdates."

I mean how many people have playdates with the electrician in the house and still bake and present things nicely? Maybe there are lots of this type of mom out there but if so don't burst my bubble. Obviously this is not something I do often. Normally I would have sent them outside and handed them a box of goldfish on the way out the door and told them if they fought over them I was feeding the rest to the dogs!

I am now sporting the newest home fashion - geometric patterns in the ceiling and walls. I will be sporting this fashion until the drywaller can come in a week or two to patch all the holes. The electrician determined that the problem with the fan was a short in the wire between the switch and the fan. To run a new wire, since this is on the first floor of my house he had to cut the holes to get the wire from point A to point B. The good news is there is once again a nice breeze in my family room. The bad news is well, obvious.

Oh and did I mention that in the midst of all this the anxiously awaited ants arrived and had to be refrigerated? More on that later.


Cici said...

Just think what it would look like had Michael and your Dad tried to fix it.

Ant in the refrigerator!! Remember their short life span!

Sherri said...

Thdy won't last long, don't forget them.