Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Rehm - A little late (oops)

The birthday boy!

Rehm turned seven a week and a half ago! I was waiting for the party before posting about it. That was a week ago. Then I got a little busy and well what can I say? Here we are a week later.

The morning of his birthday he came upstairs to ask when he could open his presents. I wished him a happy birthday and asked how it felt to be seven. He said, "Mom, I'm not really seven yet. I won't be until 7:13 pm." I asked if we should wait until he was officially seven before opening presents. He didn't think that was necessary.

Here are some of the things he received from family and friends:Sponge Bob MP3 player , a calculator, a fly guy book, pokemon cards, ant farm, some science experiments, a very cool Frisbee, a fishing rod that shots the line out into the water - it looks interesting , a clock radio that projects the time on the ceiling, a cover for his bible, a Toys r Us gift certificate and some Pokemon toys. If you haven't received your thank you note I promise it will be in the mail just as soon as I get the Christmas cards out that are still sitting on my counter.

On his actual birthday Cici and I went and had lunch with him at school and took cupcakes for his class. I actually made the cupcakes this year instead of buying them - granted I used a cake mix and bought frosting but it is still a step in the right direction, right? He requested yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

Rehm with his Olive Garden birthday cake

For dinner Rehm got to pick where we ate. He chose Olive Garden. He LOVES their fettuccine Alfredo. He took his new calculator with him to dinner. I finally had to tell him he had to put it away and actually talk to everyone as they were there to celebrate his birthday. [Both sets of grandparents joined us for dinner.] After dinner they sang happy birthday to him and we all enjoyed Olive Garden's very reasonably priced birthday cake. I am actually being serious here - the waiter said they had a little cake that we could do since we really didn't all want a lot of dessert but when he brought it out I thought "that's more than a little cake, I wonder what that will cost." But surprisingly it cost about what any single dessert item on their menu cost and we were all able to have a small piece.

Rehm and his friends playing glow in the dark golf

For his birthday party he wanted his friends Lael and Will to go to main event and play glow in the dark golf. The three families plus Grandma and Grandpa had lunch and let the kids play golf and video games. Then we had cupcakes - again homemade but this time with homemade chocolate frosting (because I'm a frosting snob) and Sponge Bob candies on top.

So here is a run down of Rehm's favorite things at seven.

TV Show: Bingo America
Game: Pokemon Cards
Food: Bacon and Pepperoni Pizza
Subject at School: Science
Computer Game: Pokemon Pokedex
Sport: Basketball
Bible Story: The Golden Calf because he likes gold
Book: Eye Witness Rocks and Minerals
Song: Pokemon Theme Song for Season 1
Thing to do on a sunny afternoon: Go swimming
Thing to do on a rainy day: Splash in puddles (but my parents don't really let me do it)
Best thing about school: Going to the library
Drink: Orange Sprite (Fanta Orange Soda mixed with Sprite)



Brenna and Molly said...

I was thinking about his birthday the other day because I knew it was just before Molly's but couldn't remember the exact date. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REHM!!!

We tease our girls all the time about only being able to celebrate a birthday from the exact moment when they were born until midnight that night. Sadly Brenna has thus never had a birthday - she was born at 11:59 pm!

Cici said...

What a handsome 7-year old!! Glad we got to be there!