Friday, April 02, 2010

Observations of Six Year Old Softball

Coach Lisa giving Charlotte a few pointers
Go ball, go!

Facing the outfield!

Playing in the dirt
Are we done yet?
Really, are we done?
Yum.  This glove is tasty.  Think I want a steak when the game is over
Pretending to look for a fly ball.
Pretending to catch
Running for the ball.  It had been thrown to her but it was overthrown and she missed it
Still running.
Trying to tag the runner out
Doesn't she look scary?  The runner seems to think so.
So how you doing? 

Charlotte is really enjoying this softball season.  She does great for the first half of the game and then she is done!  Especially with the 7:15 games.

Did you know that if you go to Target and spend $20 on sand toys your three year olds become the most popular kids to play with at the ball field and they don't bother you for an entire game?

Overall it is a good season so far.

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Phyllis said...

So cute!