Thursday, April 29, 2010

Propel Parenting, Again

Micheal and I have been practicing our Propel parenting again. For those of you not familiar with that approach click here and here. In a nutshell, we are cheap and mean, at least in our kids eyes.

We have recently instituted a new rule for the big kids. When we go out to eat, if the a drink is not provided as part of the cost of a kids meal, the children can choose to buy a drink with their own money or drink water. We don't feel that we need to pay for it for them. I told you we were cheap.

This week we went to one of the places my kids know they have to buy their own drinks. Both Rehm and Charlotte wanted to purchase a drink and gave me the money before we left home. When we got to the restaurant Charlotte was being slow getting out of the car. Rehm was yelling at her to get out. When that didn't work he kicked her! Yeah, that was a bad idea.

I had to come up with a consequence for him that would a) make an impression and b)be related to the offense. Since he had been mean to his sister I decided he needed to do something nice for her. Since he really wanted a sprite with dinner and was having to pay for it, I knew losing the privilege would make an impression. The consequence: he had to use his money to buy Charlotte's drink and he had to have water! Double whammy! He was not happy! In fact, he started out by refusing. When he learned that tactic would get him a seat in the car until dinner was over and then a PB&J at home he decided to hand over the cash and apologize for kicking his sister.

h the joys of parenting.


Brenna and Molly said...

YOU ROCK! I love the consequence and I'm certain Rehm will remember that the next time his little foot inches out.

And I still can't look at Propel in a store without laughing and thinking of the crazy Mahams!

Hen Jen said...

taking 4 kids plus ourselves out is expensive, we usually say they can have water, or pick soda but forfeit hot choc. at the weekly bookstore outing.

I feel mean sometimes, but gosh, when I was a kid, we never went out!