Sunday, April 04, 2010

Cheese Flowers

It has been several years since we have taken bluebonnet pictures of the children. I always plan to but life gets in the way and by the time I think of it again they are no longer pretty.  This is a Texas tradition that children must experience.  It isn't necessarily fun but it is just part of being a kid in Texas.  In fact, at our house they are also known as "cheese flowers:  because every time Rehm saw them, I was asking him to say cheese and snapping his picture. 

This year we found a decent patch close by.  For a twenty minute photo shoot at bed time I thought the pictures turned out pretty good.  I confess I took over 150 pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.

So which ones are your favorites?


friendsmiling said...

I love them all. The little girls are getting so big

Doodle - said...

Since I have been transplanted OUT of Texas, can I admit that I miss bluebonnet pictures? I am living vicariously through you all. :) I think they turned out amazing!

Can I like them all for different reasons?