Friday, June 18, 2010

Theology and the Six Year Old

Coming home from lunch following VBS today, Charlotte and I had the following conversation.

Charlotte:  Mommy, was Jesus married?

Me:  Charlotte, the Bible does not say anything about Jesus getting married so we really don't know.  Many people believe that he wasn't married because they think that would have been important enough to mention in the Bible if he had been.  Other people think he was married, but we really don't know.

Charlotte: Well, I think I'm going to live a happy life and not worry about all that kind of stuff!

I think maybe I should have named her Scarlett...It was definitely a much shorter conversation than I would have had with her brother had he been the one to ask the question.


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Renee CK said...

I love it! That's pretty much the path I take in theology- let God worry about the details!

Thanks for the smile Scar...uh, Charlotte! ;) <3