Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Ruby and Eliza Claire

I can not believe Ruby and Eliza Claire are four!  Wow! 

Ruby loves life.  She is an all or nothing girl.  She is funny, opinionated, loud, silly, a bundle of energy, and sweet.  She is an act and ask questions later kind of girl.  If she is unhappy the whole world is going to know.  She will eat anything.  She is a light sleeper. Her favorite color is pink.  She likes dolls, dress-up, pretend play, princesses, and anything crafty.  She is Ruby!

Eliza Claire loves routine.  She is a cautious child.  If she had her way she would be an only child.  She needs her space and her time to herself.  She is a think of every outcome and then maybe act kind of girl.  She is sweet, loving, stubborn, demanding, silly, and funny.  She is a sound sleeper.  She will eat most things but not quite anything.  Her favorite color is blue.  She likes cars, legos, balls, and electronics. She is Eliza Claire!

It is funny, they are so different.  One is natured like Rehm, only more extreme and the other like Charlotte, only more extreme.  I can not imagine life without these two amazing girls.  They are the best!  I am so luck I get to be their Mom.

Happy Birthday girls!

PS Pictures from their actual birthday will be up next week.  I'm too tired tonight to upload them.


Cathi_in_TX said...

Happy birthday big girls! So happy to speak with you on the phone today! See you in a month for the Maham Family Reunion. We can't wait!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! Can't believe they're four already!