Monday, July 05, 2010

Punch Bug

A few weeks ago I introduced the children to the game of punch bug. It
has really caught on and they play almost every time we are in the car.

We also play Tweeter, which is where you say "Tweeter" any time you
see an yellow mode of transportation. You are supposed yo assign point
values so more rare things have more points. The game is supposed to
be over when someone sees a yellow hummer. We don't follow all the
rules but they love spotting yellow things and are much more
entertained when in the car thanks to these two games.

Today, I was in the car by myself. A very rare occurence. I saw a red
punch bug. I got a bit sad that I had no one to share it with. So I
pulled out my phone and called home. I knew Charlotte would answer the
phone. As soon as I was sure she knew it wasme calling I said, "punch
bug, red!" she squealed and started laughing her head off. It was
perfect. I can always count on her for a big reaction to any
circumstance or situation.


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