Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Milestones for the Big Guy

The last few weeks have held a few unexpected but much anticipated milestones for Rehm.  For the most part I think he is completely unaware of these milestones but they have been big deals for his parents.

Michael is so thrilled that Rehm can physically mow the lawn.  It is not easy for him but he did a great job helping with the mowing while Michael worked on the edging and weed eating.  I think Michael is having visions of sitting with a cold drink while watching the boy do all the lawn work.  Unfortunately for Michael, I still think that day is a few years away.  In the meantime having some help is a nice bonus.

Recently I took the kids to the grocery store with me.  We only needed to picu up three items - the most important being stamps.  When we got to the car and I had the girls strapped in their car seats I realized we had forgotten to buy them!  Ugh!  I did not want to get everyone back out of the van nor take them all back in the store.  That would have mean another 15 minute or more undertaking. 

So, I handed Rehm some cash and asked him to go back in and buy stamps.  He asked me a few questions, and then ran off to do the task.  Less than five minutes later he was back in the car with stamps and the proper change! 

Having a child who can read and spell is very helpful, too.  This week I was driving but needed to send Michael a text.  I couldn't do it so I handed the phone to Rehm and told him what to type.  Not only did it help me but Rehm thought it was a great treat to get to use my phone. 

It is so nice that Rehm is getting bigger and able to do more big kid things.  I wonder what will be next.



Wencked said...

Way to go Rehm!! My husband can't wait for the day that our boys can mow...must be a rite of passage for Dads.

Phyllis said...

At least you don't have a riding mower so that Rehm can get "pulled off" the mower by a tree and have to chase the mower to keep it from getting in the street...or mowing down a neighbor since you do not live in the country.

It is a good thing that they gave Rehm the correct change or he would have told them about it like a little person who used to make my purchases(shhhh...none of them contained nicotine).

Jolene said...

Yay Rehm! Mowing the lawn is a big deal (for mom and dad, too... David calls Maddie the 'lawn roomba'- he 'sets' her and she mows.)

I don't send Ben and Maddie into the store often because I usually use my debit card and have no cash on me, but they have become the car sitters. I can run into 7-11 or walgreens for a newspaper or diet coke without having to haul Mel in and out of the car for 30 seconds inside a store.

*sigh* They grow up WAY too fast.

Pauline said...

What happens next? You blink and he is 21. Don't stop watching his transitions and recording them!

Phyllis said...

I forgot to ask...did you give him a Rootbeer when he finished?