Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heard around Mayhem Mania

If you are a facebook friend you have probably read all of these already.  But I needed to record them here so they end up in the blog book.

Super Girl doing somefing for Angry Mommy ~Ruby when asked to do a favor for me

Root Beer: The beer for kids! ~Rehm at a play date

I'm the Mommy and that trumps any jinx, rainbow, no reverse, sherbet, sticky glue you've got! ~Me, said with quite a bit of attitude to Rehm


Something you shouldn't have to tell your kids but I just heard hubby say, "no, we don't eat things that have been on the bottom of a shoe!"  It was Ruby. She dropped her gummy vitamin and Michael accidentally stepped on it before she could pick it up. A fit ensued. Well, Ruby was the one trying to eat it after Michael scraped it off of his shoe...


 Just heard a child's voice say "Mom, ...(something I couldn't make out)...FIRE!". It sounded like Ruby. I ran to her room to find her sound asleep. It was the next door neighbor's kids excited about their sparklers. Nearly gave me a heart attack!


Driving through the country on the way to dinner, Charlotte exclaims, "I just saw a horse!...or a deer...or a baby cow!"  Who is this city girl?

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