Friday, July 09, 2010

Out of this World Father's Day

My kids are so blessed to have such an awesome Dad!  He is the most loving, engaged, caring Dad.  I love how involved he is in their daily life.  He is home for dinner almost every night. He always does story time.  During the school year he walks the big kids to school everyday.  They are so lucky to have a dad who can and will do these things with them.  Of course, as I type this I realize how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband.  We are all so lucky.

Unfortunately, Father's Day occurs either the week before or the week after VBS.  For the last several years that has meant that Father's Day was not on my radar screen at all.  So Michael has been a very under appreciated wonderful Dad.  This year was no exception.  Not only did I/the kids not get him a gift, he got the pleasure of spending the night sleeping on the floor with 250 other people at Space Center Houston for a scouting event.  
Rehm's Cub Scout Pack had a sleep over at the Space Center where they got to do all kinds of experiments and learned so much.  The girls and I got to spend the night with a good friend of mine and her two daughters.  We all had a great time as well.

The next morning I took the girls over and we joined the boys for a tour of Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston.  Everyone had a fun time.  And over all I hope it was a good Father's Day for one great dad! 

Rehm telling me Newton's Second Law of Motion

Michael and the kids at the Saturn V

Astronaut Rehm

Astronaut Ruby

Astronaut Eliza Claire

Ruby and Eliza Claire hanging out in the Space Shuttle

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