Monday, July 12, 2010

Ruby and Eliza Claire's Birthday Celebration

Ruby and Eliza Claire's birthday actually fell on a Saturday this year so they got the rare treat of having their party on their birthday.

They woke up and opened presents from the family.  The most played with item seems to be the Crayola dry erase boards.  They play with them daily. 

Someone didn't get enough sleep

Before the party all four children were enlisted to help stuff the party favor bags.  We had quite the assembly line going.  It worked great and only took a few minutes to get them done.

The party was held at a new inflatable place near us.  Everyone had a great time.  Ruby got to invite her preschool class to her party and Eliza Claire did the same.  It was so nice for them to each get to have guests there for them but to still be able to do one party.  They also for the first time got to pick out their own cakes.  Ruby chose Hello Kitty and Eliza Clair chose Cars. 
Eliza Claire has decided this is her birthday party shirt - this is the second party she has worn it to.

How old did you say you were?

Ruby fully enjoying her cake

Love the different personalities shining through

I think they both had an awesome day!


friendsmiling said...

I love these pictures!!!

Phyllis said...

Beautiful girls...looks like they had fun.

Pauline said...

Don't they look beautiful? Even with the proof of how much they liked their cakes. I have twin grand-daughters - like your girls they are very different. One likes pretty and sparkly, the other likes motorbikes. Love the photo of them giggling together and the assembly line. I think it's lovely to see a family working together!