Friday, July 09, 2010

Baron: The Newest Maniac

Baron is the newest maniac.  He is a smooth coat tri-color collie that we got through Houston Collie Rescue.  He is almost 2.5 years old.  He is very well behaved and a little timid.

He spent his first year of life in a small outdoor kennel. Then a wonderful lady named Kim, from the Houston area added him to her family.  While he was a great dog and she loved him very much, it no longer worked for her and her other dogs for Baron to continue living with them.  I can not thank Kim enough for letting us be Baron's new family.  She did such a great job training him, he is a dream dog.  We feel very lucky to have him.

Baron, like all the other maniacs in our house has his own quirks.  He does not like small spaces.  He will not walk into the kitchen, he won't walk between an armchair and coffee table to come to the couch to get petted.  He will only come upstairs when you tell him to come.   He will not go in the kids bedrooms.  He will not eat unless you sit in the room with him.  This is a habit he developed since living with us.  We have to feed him separately from  Howdy due to Howdy's special diet.  For the first week he was here he didn't care and just ate.  Now, he will only eat if someone sits with him.  Baron is a very messy drinker.  I swear he bites the water with his whole snout stuck down in the bowl instead of using just his tongue to lap the water.

Baron is definitely an indoor dog.  He is happy to go out every couple of hours, run a lap or two around the back yard and then he wants back in.  If you don't let him in immediately, he will stand at the back door and whine until you do.  He will not go hang out in the yard.  When in the house he is very calm.  I have only seen him eat something the kids dropped on the floor twice in the two weeks he has been here.  One night Michael had a few people here for a meeting and put a plate of brownies on the coffee table, both dogs completely ignored it!  Crazy!  He doesn't seem overly interested in any toys.  He loves to be petted and to go on walks.

For those of you who know Howdy, Baron is a shorter, thinner, younger version in looks and personality.


I was expecting a much more difficult transition and to have to do a lot of work with Baron, but he has just completely made himself at home in no time.

I'm so glad he is part of our family now!

PS.  I am so glad we found Houston Collie Rescue.  It was easy to work with them and it was obvious that their goal was to find these animals forever homes.  Even though I had not met Baron until the day I met Kim in La Grange to pick him up I was confident that he was going to be a good fit for our family.  HCR knew his personality and had taken time to find out enough about our family to make sure we would be a good fit for each other.  If/when we are ever ready to add to our four-legged family again, HRC will be the first place I look.

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