Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We went camping at Krause Springs the weekend prior to Halloween with Rehm's Cub Scout pack.  Due to a birthday party that Charlotte could not miss, Rehm and Micheal went out early Saturday morning and the girls and I followed them around dinner(supper, for those of you confused by which meal I'm referring to) time. As most of you know, I am not a fan of camping and have in fact only had the pleasure on one other occasion.  Arriving late after everything had already been set up and everyone had already figured out where everything was did not help me at all.  Honestly, for the first half hour after the girls and I got there I was, um, somewhat witchy, or something.  It didn't help that when I went to get our dinner, I found it covered in ants or that when I opened the door to the tent everything was in a huge pile right inside the door and there was plenty of dried grass on the floor.  Once I got the girls fed and the tent straightened and organized to my standards I was a much happier, um, camper.

Waiting for dinner
The gigantic ant hill about 20 feet from the door of our tent. 

Everyone had a great time and the campground was wonderful.  The bathrooms were spacious and clean!  They were so nice that I regretted not bringing stuff to be able to shower. In addition, the springs and creak/river/stream that was on the property was awesome.  We had a lot of fun exploring in the woods and around the stream.
He really isn't as close to the fire as it appears. Isn't the heat wave neat looking in the picture?

This tent is much better than the last time we went camping!
This time my four year old isn't as tall as the tent.
Isn't this the coolest tree?  As a kid I would have insisted on camping inside it, I think.

The cypress trees were just amazingly huge
Sweet Sisters
Somebody slipped on the wet rocks and sat down in the water.  Oops.
Yeah, that's about how I feel about camping, too
Part of the falls from the springs into the natural pool.

This is the first time we had camped as a family of six and the first time in the 8 person tent.  The tent was a huge improvement over the last time we camped (make sure to watch the slide show).  There are definitely some things that got added to my camping packing list for next time, like a flyswatter and a broom, but on the whole I would be willing to go camping again, I think...


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