Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Installment 3: School Celebrations

Ruby and Eliza Claire had a costume parade and celebration last Thursday.  Eliza Clarie kept insisting that she was going to wear and Indian costume they had in their class at school and that she did not need to bring a costume.  I insisted that we take her monkey costume in the car with us because I just did think this was the case.  She even made me braid her hair so she would be ready for her Indian costume.  Of course when we got to school and I asked the teachers about it there were no Indian costumes.  They had started talking about their Thanksgiving celebration and Eliza Claire had gotten confused on when she would get to wear her Indian costume.  She was a bit disappointed but happy to be a monkey in the end.

Rehm and Charlotte had a character parade on Friday.  They are supposed to dress as a character from a book.

All of the kids in Charlotte's class were mice.  They all had different books with mice characters.
Rehm as a very disheveled Harry Potter

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