Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eliza Claire and the Toenail

Eliza Claire injured her toe this summer at swim lessons.  She was opening a heavy door and somehow got her toe caught under the door.  This is what it looked like a few days after the injury

The toenail is finally about to come off.  It is hanging by a thread.  For the last two weeks I've had to bandage it every day so that it doesn't get caught on something.

Last night when we were changing the bandage I was showing her how close it was to coming off.  She started crying.  She asked what we would do with the toenail when it came off.  I said we would throw it away because she wouldn't need it any longer.  She got so sad.  She looked up with big crocidile tears and said, "But it has been such a good toenail, I don't want to throw it away."  I told her she could bury it in the yard or save it in a baggie in her room if she loved it that much. 

Oh, and how could I forget?  It is all my fault.  She is still very upset with me and has not forgiven me.  You see, that day she asked me to go with her to the bathroom or water fountain, I don't remember which, at the swim center.  I told her she could do it herself.  You know, like she had been doing all summer long.  Since I didn't go and she got injured by opening the door onto her own foot, I am the bad guy! And maybe I really am...who knows...but she is certain I am responsible for her losing her dear friend, her toenail.

Who knew a child could be so attached to a toenail.  I'm kind of surprised she hasn't named it.  I wonder if I could redeem myself if the toenail elf came when it finally falls off.  Hmm...Now there's an idea!


PS Mom, did her reaction remind you of anyone or anything?

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