Monday, October 24, 2011

Guess what's in here

If you guessed Eliza Claire's toenail you would be correct. It fell off this afternoon with no drama. Unfortunately looking at the nail underneath I think it is going to fall off a second time... Oh joy!

Oh, and she thought the nail finally coming off was "Awesome!"  The nail was stuck to her bandage when she removed it today.

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JanaB said...

What happened to her toe to do that? Poor thing! Did I maybe miss a post on what happened? I usually read everything you blog, so it must have slipped by me! Point me in the right direction if you did! Thanks! I've had it happen to me, and it was painful for the initial injury, and then no big deal for the nail coming off months later. Still grossed out by it, though! Yuck!

Jenn said...

Jana here is the full story.