Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ruby Funnies

Every Friday at school Ruby and Eliza Claire's class get to play freeze dance as a special Friday treat.

Me: Ruby, did you play freeze dance?

Ruby:  Yes!

Me:  Did you have fun?

Ruby:  Yeah...once I got buzzed!

Oh my goodness!  Upon further questioning I gather that they go around and "buzz" each other to unfreeze each other.  But, I thought to myself, if this is what I'm hearing in kindergarten I can not imagine what high school and college will be like with this child.


Ruby was playing a pretend game with Charlotte the other day.  Their new favorite game is to pretend they are in high school or college and they have boyfriends.  I don't know why this is their current thing but I try very, very hard to ignore it.  Ruby comes downstairs and says, "I'm 18.  I have a boyfriend.  Charlotte and her boyfriend needed alone time (!!!!!) and my boyfriend and I are going to see a rock band.  We like to rock out!"

Again, where do they get this stuff?  I'm assuming the "alone time" is actually a reference to how play dates work at our house.  Everyone likes to have some of their play time alone with their friend as whichever girls are not having a play date always want to play with the person who does have a friend over.  But still!  Not what I wanted to hear.  I chose to ignore the comment instead of getting into the fact that Charlotte and her boyfriend would not be allowed to have alone time in my house!  I decided we could have that conversation several years from now when it is an issue.


Ruby and Charlotte were setting up the Playmobil house to be an apartment building.  In Charlotte's apartment she had a family with a baby.  She told Ruby, "Here is my family.  They have a baby.  I just love babies."  Ruby responded, "I just looovveee Rock Bands!"

I really think I may have a nervous break down before I get this child grown.  But she is the cutest, sweetest, most amazing girl.  I just hope she and I survive her teenage years and that she eventually has a daughter with her zest.

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