Saturday, June 02, 2012

Time Travel Day


Time Travel Day happened sometime in May and I never got around to uploading the pictures.  The kids came home from school one day talking about what they wanted to be for time travel day, which was coming up two days later.  Rehm wanted to be a Roman emporer, Charlotte wanted to be a goddess and Ruby and Eliza Claire both wanted to be cave people.  My first thought was, "Good luck with that!" and then for some crazy reason I decided to indulge them and try to make costumes.

Rehm and Charlotte thought they were going to use their sisters white bed sheets to make their costumes.  I knew this was a really bad idea as I knew the state the sheets would come home in.  I got the crazy idea that I could sew costumes!  Yeah, I know, crazy thinking, especially since I had not had the sewing machine out in at least 10 years. 

I came up with a plan for the costumes and headed off the the fabric shop.  When I left the fabric shop with way too much money in supplies I had that crazy sinking feeling "Crap! Now I have to actually do something will all this stuff!" Suprisingly, they all turned out exactly as I invisioned. 

The good news is, the next time anyone needs a toga, Egyptian, goddess costume, I've got it covered.  Ruby had me cut the jagged edge off of her dress and hem it so she can wear it this summer.  I'm sure we will get a lot of use out of these costumes.  And, even if we don't, they were worth the time and effort to be "The Coolest Mommy, Ever!" for at least a day.

Oh, Rehm got to school and someone told him it looked like a dress.  We had to look at pictures of statues of Roman emperors, who were all wearing white drappy things, then he came to terms that he really was appropritately attired for his character and was fine with it.  Gotta love the internet.
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Phyllis said...

So glad I could enlarge the FB picture, I thought Rehm was a Pioneer Lady hanging clothes on the clothes line...guess you really can't believe everything you think you see.