Monday, May 05, 2014


Rehm came home last week giddy with excitement. He had an idea for a science project he wanted to do.

Rehm: Mom I've got this great idea I want to try!

Me: What's that?

Rehm: Auqaphonics!

Me: you mean aquaponics?

Rehm: Um, maybe. Yeah, that's what I mean.

Me: Ok, why aquaponics?

Rehm: It sounds really fun!

Me: Research it and write me a proposal and we'll see what we can do. It sounds like a great summer project for you.

Rehm: Really, you're not just going to tell me "no?"

Me: Why would I do that?

Later, I posted something about Rehm's desire to try aquaponics on Facebook. One of my friends made a joke about pot. Then the whole situation made a lot more sense.

Rehm's social studies class had recently done projects on the largest cash crops in Texas. Rehm had been assigned marijuana. Did you know it's the number six cash crop? I'm still surprised it was assigned as a research topic.

I asked him if his idea for aquaponics came from his social studies research. He confirmed that it did. Suddenly his summer project didn't seem quite so awesome.

He had said all along he was going to grow herbs...


Disclaimer (so none of the grandparents need to call): Just to be clear, no one will be growing any illegal substances at our house and Rehm never had any intentions to do so. He truly found the concept of the symbiotic system of growing fish and plants together to be intriguing. In fact, we will probably give aquaponics a try with some goldfish and Italian herbs. Rehm is already planning in his head the delicious pasta sauces he will make with them (the herbs not the goldfish).

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