Wednesday, May 07, 2014

One of the Best Parts of my Week

Wednesday night means activities at church for our family. I love children's choir, dinner and bible study, but none of these are my favorite part of the evening. My favorite part is taking home three middle schoolers after youth group.

Of course, one of them is mine. The other two live on my way home so it is not problem to drop them off. I love how excited they are from their youth group experience. I love listening to them giggle, suggest games to download on their phones, and converse. It is loud, silly, fun and just downright awesome.

Tonight's new game to be talked about and tried was Duck or Llama. It had them howling. Check it out. It sounds completely stupid but they were having a blast playing it.

It is also fun to get to be part of conversations with these kids. They are great kids who know how to politely have a conversation with an adult. I love getting to know them a bit better every week. It's impossible not to be in a good mood with these three in the car.

Meredith and Kathryn, thank you for the privilege of spending time with your kids. Please know it truly is one of my favorite parts of my week.


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