Saturday, May 03, 2014

My Husband is a Beer Snob

He hasn't always been a beer snob. Over the last few years he has become the can't buy beer at the grocery store, can't just order a shiner beer snob.

Most of the time his beer snobbery does not bother me as it does not effect me. Tonight we are at Bangers, One hundred and one beers on tap and sausage made in house.

He asks what I want. I say a beer. He wants me to taste one before he orders. It's ok, not amazing. He asks what I want, I say a beer.

Finally I tell him, "I liked it when I could just say I wanted a beer and you brought me a shiner and there was no big discussion to be had.

He asked what I wanted, again. I said, "just get me a damn beer!" Sorry mom, for the language and the beverage.

He brought me a hefeweizen that has a bacon after taste. I have no clue which local, artsy fartsy brewery it's from. But at least I now have a beer.

Now, I'm going to have to pick a sausage. Oh, joy!

Happy Birthday Honey,
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