Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Blast from the Past

I happened to read our individual descriptions on the left side of the blog and realized they were just a little bit out of date.  I have updated them to better reflect everyone's current interests.  However, I realized it was fun to look back on where we were.  Here are the old descriptions.  The best I can tell they are from the summer of 2011. This means the kids were 10, 7, 4, and 4.

This is what happens when two math geeks marry and have four kids!

I no longer work outside the home. This is a new endeavor as I spent the last five years working part time for my church. I love to cook, take photos and blog. I hate doing laundry and dishes. I love a good novel, but am not much on non-fiction or literature. I love my kids and being a mom. 

Our firstborn who died at birth. He was our sweet red-headed baby boy. He may not be with us on earth but that makes him no less part of our family. We miss and love him very much.

The Grinch
Our oldest son Rehm. He is my walking encyclopedia. He loves Harry Potter, the ocean, space, science, Pokemon, Phineas and Ferb and anything that has a screen. He loves to know why and how things work. 

Cindy Loo Who
Our oldest daughter. She is the most empathetic girl I know. She loves school, playing with her little sisters and all things social. She is as stubborn as her mother, especially when dealing with her mother.

Thing 1
Our feisty second daughter. She is very dramatic. Her world is one of extremes. She loves to dress up and to play Barbies. 

Thing 2
Our cautious third daughter. She is very sensitive and likes to do things in her own way and own time. She loves to play sports and loves cars and tracks and seeing how things work together. 


Phyllis said...

You need to find the Bobbsey Twin books and see if one of the girls might like to read them.

Jenn said...

Yes, I do. I know where they are, I just need to pull them out.