Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spoiling the Girl

Poor Charlotte is still feeling yucky. She's still only eating soup and shakes. It is so strange for her to be so quiet. I'm so used to her loud, dramatic, awesome self, that hanging out with silent Charlotte is disconcerting.

This is a very typical sight right now. This little note pad goes with her everywhere. I haven't seen her phone since Friday, but this guy is always with her. When she can't convey what she wants with signs or needs to say more than a word or two she writes it on these cute little pages and hands them out. 

Everyday I try to find things to do with her that will entertain her but not be too much. Today we went to lunch at PDQ. She had a shake though she didn't eat much of it. She said it was too thick. So I got her a soda to go with her shake. 

After lunch we went and had our toes done. She seemed to enjoy that. Now we are home and she is ready for a nap. 

In a couple of weeks I might need someone to remind me how much I missed normal volume Charlotte. 

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