Thursday, May 31, 2007

Finally! Sea World!

We have been trying to go to Sea World for months. We were supposed to go over Spring Break but Michael had Pneumonia. We were supposed to go over Mother's Day weekend but Rehm had T-ball Play-offs. This past Saturday we finally made the trip, despite the weather forecast for a 90% chance of rain. Yes, we drove two hours to go somewhere outside when there was a 90% chance of rain. I know it sounds crazy but we already have season passes so even if the weather was miserable we would have only been out our gas money and time. And we knew as hard of a time as we had finding a time to go if we didn't go last weekend we wouldn't get there until August or September.

Grandma and Grandpa went with us. Grandpa thought we were crazy to go with the rain chance but was a good sport and went anyway. All the way to Sea World every time we would run into rain Michael or I would say "I bet Grandpa is pointing this out to Grandma" and every time the rain would stop we would say "I bet Grandma has mentioned that the rain has stopped."

By the time we arrived it was overcast but not raining. So we went to the rest room, bought tickets, sun screened everyone, got a map and started making plans. The first stop was the Steel Eel. Yes I said the Steel Eel. Rehm had discovered that he was tall enough to ride it and he wanted to do that first. Michael and I both decided to ride with him. He sat next to Michael and I sat behind them. I was OK with the fact we were letting him ride a big roller coaster until we crested the first hill. Then I thought, "what were you thinking? This ride scares you and you let your six year old get on it! If he freaks out there is nothing you can do, he has to ride the whole thing!"

Luckily, while a little scared by the whole experience Rehm seemed to enjoy the ride. Not enough to ride it a second time but he was smiling when he got off and very proud of the fact that "he" had ridden the Steel Eel!

I, on the other hand, decided that maybe we really weren't responsible enough parents to have 4 children. What were we thinking? The rollercoaster has a 15 story drop and goes approximately 65 mph! And we put our six year old on it! Maybe not our best parenting decision.

After the Steel Eel we took Charlotte to ride the Texas Splashdown. Then we went to the Shamu show. After lunch we checked out Viva. Then Michael took the kids to ride the Texas Splashdown again and Dallas, Helene, the twins and I went to see the Cannery Row Capers. Following that Charlotte rode the Shamu Express with Michael while the rest of us went to the shark aquarium. We all met back up at the Touch and Feed Dolphins. Then it was time to go.

Our favorite show was definitely the Viva show (known as the Silly Man Show at our house). It was great as always.

Click on the picture and you can see the dolphin in mid air

Everyone had a fun day and Grandma and Grandpa decided to upgrade their tickets to a season pass so they could go back with us in the fall. I'm thinking this is to make sure we don't do anything stupid like let our six year old ride inappropriate rides.

Off to try to be a little more responsible,

PS I've updated the May pictures to include our Sea World trip.


Sherri said...

I want to go to Sea World. Thanks for sharing with those of us that don't live that close. I will be sure to show Zander the pictures. By the way, where is the Whale update on Rehm's site?

Jenn said...

Rehm has been in Houston with Grandma. Maybe he'll be ready to do an update when he gets home.

Shelly said...

Cameron BEGGED us to go on the Steel Eel. The problem is that there is no way on this good Earth I will ever get on that roller coaster. And Bryan's not wild about them either- and we're not putting her on it alone!! A parent definitely needs to ride it with her. But she has scaredy cat parents!LOLOL.

I'm glad to hear Rehm enjoyed it!