Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Whose Child is This?

Because she sure can't possibly be mine. You see my children don't crawl like normal children, they army crawl. They do this for months and months and ruin all their clothes while cleaning my floors. Then maybe around the time they figure out how to walk they'll get up on their knees and crawl.

Eliza must have been switched at the hospital. She army crawled backwards but she started crawling forward on all fours, no army crawl! What is up with that? Hmm, she looks too much like the rest of us to have been switched in the hospital, what could it be? Ah ha, she is making sure to stand out from the group. So she is going to be my kid that has to be different. Or maybe she knows how frustrating I find all those dirty shirts and she is just being helpful. Whatever it is it sure is cute to see her crawling around and she sure is proud of herself.



Jenn said...

OK I'm still working on getting the right resolution so the file is small enough to upload to youtube but large enough to be able to see clearly.

Ignore Charlotte in the background yelling at Ruby about something. I'm not even sure what they were doing.

Hopefully I'll be able to play with the camera some more and get all the kinks out of my system.

Shelly said...

Aw, and I was going to ask if that was Charlotte in the background very determined to ask Ruby Something! LOL. Eliza is so adorable. I love watching her crawl. I love watching any of your babies do anything. hee hee.

Mom said...

Way to go Eliza!! Did you tell Mom that you were just waiting a little longer because you wanted to do it differently?

Not sure I got the full effect as slow as my downloads are. Did see that she sat up at the end. Does that mean she can also go from sitting to lying down to sleep now?

Sherri said...

Yeah Eliza! You were always such a different child, what makes you think your children wouldn't be?