Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where Did Those Come From?

Sunday morning Eliza Claire and I were playing. She put something in her mouth off the floor and I went to fish it out. (Now I do have to say this child finds anything and everything on the floor. No matter how small she will find it and it will go in her mouth! ) Guess what I found? Two bottom teeth! Where did those come from? She hadn't drooled, fussed or had any swollen gums. Just all the sudden two teeth. She really is going to be my child that does everything different!

Sorry no pictures yet. She isn't quite ready to debut her new pearly whites.
Way to go Eliza Claire,


Sherri said...

Wow! She waited a long time. Does Ruby have any yet. Just wait until they start chewing on each other. What fun!

Jenn said...

No teeth for Ruby yet. No signs of any either. Bets on if she'll stay toothless until her birthday?

Mom said...

Open up, Eliza! I want to see the 2 "teeth in your head" that Charlotte says you have.