Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day - What is really means

Traditionally, my family celebrates Mother's Day on Saturday and then celebrate with Michael's mom on Sunday. This year was no different.

We were originally planning a trip to Sea World for the day but Rehm's T-ball team had playoffs today and we couldn't miss those. So hopefully we will get to Sea World soon. It seems every time we plan a trip something comes up to cancel it.

Michael wanted to know what I wanted to do.For some reason continuing to tell him I wanted to go to Sea World didn't seem helpful to him. Finally I told him I wanted to go out to breakfast as a family before the T-ball craziness started. So we went to Kerbey Lane and it was yummy as always.

After Kerbey Lane we went to check out the new swim center where Rehm and Charlotte will have swim lessons. They received their swim suits and caps, which of course they both wanted to try on immediately.

Charlotte modeling her new swim gear

After a few hours at home it was time for T-ball. If we won our game then we didn't play again until Monday, if we lost we had another game immediately following the first. Of course we ended up losing. Unfortunately we thought we were winning but then the scorekeepers for both teams huddled and found that the other team really had one more run than the umpire thought and that made us lose the game.

Charlotte during the first game

We won our second game of the day. There was some drama in one inning when it looked like the other team was going to make a triple play. However, one of the coaches from the other team interfered in the play so our team only ended up with one out instead of three. Whew! Rehm batted in the winning run! He thought that was very cool. The boys were thrilled but that meant we had to play a third game today! Yikes three games in one day with six year olds!

We had a two hour break so we went to grab some dinner. Apparently we forgot to feed the kids lunch! I guess it is a good thing they had a big breakfast! At dinner Rehm got too much mozzarella stick in his mouth which made him gag, which made him spit it all out in my hand! Yep, the joys of being a mother :)

Then back to the field to play the third game. Unfortunately we were all tired and they just couldn't pull it off. We lost. The boys were sad. The parents were sad, but also kind of glad they wouldn't have to come back Monday and possibly Wednesday for more games. So the season is officially over for us. I think Rehm had a great time playing and will want to play again next year. And apparently, I don't dislike T-ball and baseball as much as I thought. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the season. Now granted there are still times that I think they all take it a little to seriously...

So apparently the pampering mother's on TV commercials enjoy on Mother's Day is a TV myth. At my house Mother's Day looks a lot like any other day. And you know I wouldn't have it any other way!

Today was the perfect Mother's Day as I got to spend it with my kids having fun! (OK so the dinner incident wasn't really fun, but hey I think getting thrown up on and peed on were in the job description so who am I to complain? Oh wait, no one shows you the job description! Hmm. I think there is a conspiracy out there...)

I am just so blessed to be the mom of five wonderful children! And so thankful that I get to watch four of them grow.

Happy Mother's Day,


Mom said...

Rehm, I bet you were really tired last night. Congratulations on that winning run!! How many runs did you score yesterday?

Rehm, how is your lip?

Jennifer, Happy Mother's Day.

Brenna and Molly said...

Happy Mother's Day! Those are some of the cutest little reasons to celebrate that I've ever seen. (Eliza is cracking me up with her funny faces!) Sounds like you had a busy weekend but you are right, sharing it with the ones you love makes it special no matter what.
Hope today was special all day long!

Sherri said...

Happy Mother's Day. Sounds like a great day. I love Eliza's face. She and Rehm look alike.

Mom said...

I agree with Sherri..think Eliza looks like Rehm in this picture. Still think she looks like your Aunt Eileen in the "squinty" ones.

I am sure that the dwarf to which you refer is named "Precious"!

Shelly said...

I love the photo of you with all four of them. I don't think I've seen another photo of you with them. Thank goodness for these blogs - we can literally "visit" with your family a few times each week. Happy Mother's Day!