Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Blanket Fairy

Today at school Rehm's class read a book about the blanket fairy. Then they did a worksheet where they wrote what they wanted the blanket family to bring them (and drew a picture). Rehm's sheet says "I want $600.00" and the picture is several green rectangles. Obviously the all that money he wants. I'm sure most of the kids wanted a kitten or a puppy or some kind of new toy. Not my kid, he wants cold hard cash! And not just a little bit, but $600!

I asked him about the worksheet. It went something like this:

Me: Did you do this at school today?
Rehm: Yes.
Me: Did you read a book about the blanket fairy?
Rehm: Yes.
Me: So what did you want the blanket fairy to bring you?
Rehm: $600.00
Me: Why do you want $600.00?
Rehm: So I can buy a Wii for the family!
Me: Do you know what you do with the Wii?
Rehm: Yeah, you buy Wii games and play them.
Me: Do you know anyone with a Wii?
Rehm: Yeah, Seth and Kyle (boys in his class)
Me: Do either of them have older siblings.
Rehm: Yeah they both do.

Of course my first reaction when I saw his answer was, "how have I raised such a greedy child?" But then after he explained he wanted to buy something for the family I had to reconsider, but it's not like he wanted to give it to his favorite charity or something. If we actually had a Wii he would not like sharing it with his siblings I'm sure. When I called Michael to tell him about this his response was pure giddiness that someone else in the family also wants a Wii.

Ah joy, video games.

PS I was going to scan the worksheet for everyone to see but I'm having technical difficulties and my tech support person is not available to help me out a the moment.

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Sherri said...

I want the blanket fairy to bring me a Wii also. We play it at Vicki's. It is great exercise. Might not be a bad thing.